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About Us

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OXA Vape UAE company, part of Matuco Group was founded in 2005 as an expansion into the Middle East region and has been associated closely with the cigarette industry since then. Over the years, Its products of different brands have made major inroads into different markets of the world. With state-of-the-art machinery and continuous innovation, aiming for the uppermost standards, the company has developed new brands which have found a niche in different markets across the globe.

OXA team has maintained the highest integrity and dedication to meet the requirements and challenges posed by the markets. We are using world-class machines to a new level and advanced technology for the product which has enhanced the manufacturing and quality of the products to excel in the standards.

During the cigarette manufacturing process, our engineers and technicians conduct numerous quality control checks aided by an array of monitoring devices as well as testing and measurement equipment We take pride in saying that we make our products go through an exhaustive 10-step method while making some of the finest looking products that come to you to smoke your worries away as soon as you put them on your lips.


This quality of products becomes possible only with the help of advanced research and development facilities and an expert team of designers, Oxa uae vape flavor specialists, and scientists who have been with us since the inception of this brand in 1990 and have a single-minded mission to produce unmatchable products consistently


The top quality of our products guarantees satisfaction. It’s your dream cigarette, that has a godly taste. The best-in-the-class aroma and flavor keep us at the top. It’s a real passion, you can’t forbid it. with best smok


Our great products are available at great prices. Luxury has never been so affordable. We understand price is an integral and important component for your complete satisfaction. Here is a pocket-friendly brand for decision-makers only.


Our lightning-fast delivery earns praises and nothing slows us down. You place the order and we’ll deliver in the most reasonable time. . Precisely, we deliver the happiness, when you need it the most.
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